Christopher Lewis

Currency Analyst

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"Chris is a vauable asset in our team. He has been providing accurate and professional analysis for our readers for over seven years. We believe that a large portion of our success is directly attributed to his work"

Eli Vater from FX Empire

"Unlike the rest of the trading world, Chris saw the upcoming "Brexit" and the election of Donald Trump. Because of his insights, our fund not only survived the financial carnage, but thrived. We owe him a large debt."

Ole Andreas Halvorsen from Viking Global Investors

Video Analysis

One of the staples of my work has been video analysis. The typical trader will look to brokers and analysts for valuable insight, and this is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I have had positive returns over the last seven years, and began my journey as an analyst shortly before the financial crisis that the world is still recovering from.

It is because of this that I feel I have a sepcial insight into the markets. I have seen a generational change in the way markets react to correlations around the world. I make it a point to not only provide analysis, but in as concise and simplistic manner as possible. By doing so, I have the ability to help people from all over the globe. I provide video analysis for clients in over 20 countries, and my clients list continues to grow.

Click on the video in this section to see a recent example of my public work, done for retail traders. I also have the ability to brand the videos in whatever way you need, helping with brand continuity. I have often been followed from traders that see my public work to new brokerage houses, offering a new source of income for many of my instituional clients.

Written Analysis

I also offer a wide range of written analysis for various markets. I have written for hedge funds, websites, and news portals. The ability to consistently offer clear analysis is a point of pride for me. I can not only deliver excellent and clear content for the end reader, but can also upload and even host your written needs.

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I having many years of experience in sending out trading signals for clients around the world. Covering all Forex markets as well as most of the world's largest commodity markets, I can help boost you returns in a steady and reliable manner. Over the last several years, these have been my verified results:

  1. 2012: 21.1%
  2. 2013: 13.5%
  3. 2014: 10.4%
  4. 2015: 11.1%
  5. 2016: 9.2%

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